Aerial Drone Filming in Russia

4k RAW aerial filming that is easily achievable. View our show reel samples now:

Drone Filming For TV & Film

Our team specializes in aerial footage using a filming drone since 2011. When you ask us to work with you we understand it’s not just about the image. You will also need a team that understands your direction and works seamlessly as part of your crew. The latest drone technology and our highly skilled pilots also offer creative understanding and a can do work ethic.
About US:
Action Brothers Ltd has been supplying aerial filming platforms for a number of years in order to produce amazingly stable 4K RAW footage suitable for the film or TV in Russia. Using the latest brushless technology and our very skilled pilots we understand what is required to get your aerial shot right and safely. Through continual investment and research we are able to offer clients a variety of drone filming or aerial photography solutions to meet a diverse range of clients requirements.
We offer drone hire in Russia. We use only top grade professional systems, which are designed for the aerial filming and photography industry not the hobbyist. Our Professional approach and ability to seamlessly integrate into part of your team on each job that is why our customers keep coming back and we look forward to hearing from you on how we can get YOU the impossible shot!

A team of two highly qualified operators and a filming drone all easily replaces yesterday’s jibs, cranes, cherry pickers and scaffolding. They will be ready to follow your direction shortly after arriving on site and are able to move easily around locations to get the required footage.
Features and Services
  • Low Cost Aerial Video
  • Full HD or 4k RAW (Blackmagic or RED cameras), Inspire 2
  • Gyro Stabilised Camera Head For Ultra Smooth Video
  • Live Video Downlink Feed